Journal Papers

  1. Keshuang Li, Zizhuo Liu, Mingchu Tang, Mengya Liao, Dongyoung Kim, Huiwen Deng, Ana M. Sanchez, R. Beanland, Mickael Martin, Thierry Baron, Siming Chen, Jiang Wu, Alwyn Seeds, and Huiyun Liu, “O-band InAs/GaAs quantum dot laser monolithically integrated on exact (0 0 1) Si substrate,” Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 511, pp. 56-60, 2019.
  2. Junjie Yang, Pamela Jurczak, Fan Cui, Keshuang Li, Mingchu Tang, Luke Billiald, Richard Beanland, Ana M. Sanchez, and Huiyun Liu, “Thin Ge buffer layer on silicon for integration of III-V on silicon,” Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 514, pp. 109-113, 2019.
  3. Taojie Zhou, Mingchu Tang, Guohong Xiang, Xuan Fang, Xiu Liu, Boyuan Xiang, Suikong Hark, Mickael Martin, Marie-Leonor Touraton, Thierry Baron, Ying Lu, Siming Chen, Huiyun Liu, and Zhaoyu Zhang, “Ultra-low threshold InAs/GaAs quantum dot microdisk lasers on planar on-axis Si (001) substrates,” Optica, vol. 6, pp. 430-435, 2019.
  4. Mengya Liao, Wei Li, Mingchu Tang, Ang Li, Siming Chen, Alwyn Seeds, and Huiyun Liu, “Selective area intermixing of III–V quantum-dot lasers grown on silicon with two wavelength lasing emissions,” Semiconductor Science and Technology, vol. 34, 085004, 2019.
  5. J.Lambrecht, H. Ramon, B. Moeneclaey, J. Verbist, M. Vanhoecke, P. Ossieur, P. De Heyn, J. Van Campenhout, J. Bauwelinck, and X. Yin, "A 106-Gb/s PAM-4 Silicon Optical Receiver," in IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 31, pp. 505-508, 2019.
  6. Joris Lambrecht, Hannes Ramon, Bart Moeneclaey, Jochem Verbist, Michiel Verplaetse, Michael Vanhoecke, Peter Ossieur, Peter De Heyn, Joris Van Campenhout, Johan Bauwelinck, and Xin Yin, "90-Gb/s NRZ Optical Receiver in Silicon Using a Fully Differential Transimpedance Amplifier," in Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 37, pp. 1964-1973, 2019.
  7. G.Coudyzer, P. Ossieur, L. Breyne, M. Matters, J. Bauwelinck and X. Yin, "A 50 Gbit/s PAM-4 Linear Burst-Mode Transimpedance Amplifier," in IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 31, pp. 951-954, 2019.

Conference Papers

  1. Claire Besançon, Jean Decobert, Frank Fournel, Cécilia Dupré, Thierry Baron, “III-V Epitaxial Structures grown on InP-bonded-to-silica seeds: application for Photonic Integrated Circuits”, Journée Nationales d’Optique Guidée (JNOG), July 2019, Palaiseau, France.
  2. Jean Decobert, Claire Besancon, Jean-Pierre Le Goec, Nicolas Vaissiere, Cécilia Dupré, Viviane Muffato, Frank Fournel, Christophe Jany and Thierry Baron, “Regrowth by MOVPE of high-quality AlGaInAs based MQW on InP seed directly bonded onto SiO2/Si substrates”, The 18th European Workshop on Metal-Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy, EW-MOVPE18th, June 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania.
  3. Claire Besancon, Jean Decobert, Jean-Pierre Le Goec, Nicolas Vaissiere, Cécilia Dupré, Viviane Muffato, Frank Fournel, Christophe Jany, Franck Bassani, Sylvain David and Thierry Baron, “High-quality Epitaxial Growth of AlGaInAs-based Active Structure on a Directly-Bonded InPoSi Substrate”, Proceedings of Compound Semiconductor Week 2019, May 2019, Nara, Japan.
  4. S.Malhouitre, V. Ramez, V. Muffato, Y. Désières & K. Hassan, “Gate Oxide Process for III-V / Si Hybrid MOS Capacitor Modulator,” IEEE 16th International Conference on Group IV Photonics (GFP), August 2019, Singapore.
  5. Weiwei Zhang, Kapil Debnath, Bigeng Chen, Muhammad K. Husain, Ali Z Khokhar, Shenghao Liu, James Byers, Wei Cao, Martin Ebert, Jamie Dean Reynolds, Mehdi Banakar, Callum Littlejohns, Scott Reynolds, Ke Li, Frederic Y. Gardes, Goran Mashanovich, Graham T. Reed, Shinichi Saito, David J. Thomson, “High speed silicon capacitor modulators for TM polarisation,” IEEE 16th International Conference on Group IV Photonics (GFP), August 2019, Singapore.
  6. Huiwen Deng, Keshuang Li, Mingchu Tang, Jiang Wu, Mengya Liao, Ying Lu, Shujie Pan, Siming Chen, Alwyn Seeds, Huiyun Liu, “III-V Quantum Dot Lasers Monolithically Grown on Silicon,” 2019 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC), March 2019, San Diego USA.
  7. Xin Yin, Joris Lambrecht, Gertjan Coudyzer, Jochem Verbist, Hannes Ramon, Peter Ossieur, Guy Torfs, and Johan Bauwelinck, "Electronic Circuits for High Speed PON beyond 25G," invited paper in 2019 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibit (OFC), March 2019, San Diego, USA.
  8. X.Yin, Invited Talk "High-speed burst detection and signal recovery technologies for NG-PONs", 2019 IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topical Meeting Series (SUM), July 2019, Fort Lauderdale, USA.


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