Her PhD was based on PICTURE project, great results, III-V Lab & Nokia are both willing to continue to develop PICTURE-based technologies and cherry on the cake she is now fully part of III-V Lab / Nokia Bell-Labs organization and our colleague. During her PhD program, Claire Besançon worked on the MOVPE regrowth of III-V materials onto InP-SiO2/Si bonded templates in order to extent the mature building blocks from the InP photonics platform into the hybrid III/Si photonics platform. Among them, the Selective Area Growth (SAG) technology is a growth technique that enables to integrate III-V materials with different bandgap regions from a single growth step for high density future generation of PICs. Claire Besançon successfully fabricated multi-wavelength lasers from a single Selective Area Growth (SAG) step on a thin InP layer bonded to silicon wafers. A 155 nm-wide spectral was achieved with a maximum output power of 20 mW under continuous-wave regime.


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Arnaud Wilk

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