Argotech a.s. is a private company located in Trutnov city, in the north part of the Czech Republic, near the border crossing with Poland. The company was founded in 2006, following a tradition of microelectronics fabrication in the region after the restructuring of Siemens and later on Infineon Technologies. Argotech focuses on assembly, engineering, and development services for opto and micro-electronics. It provides a unique technology-chain, starting from wafer-level carriers micro-packaging to full optical subassembly and customized packaging solutions (like OSAs or micro-modules). Argotech operate either as contract manufacturer (CM) or original design manufacturer (ODM). Especially second role (as ODM) gives possibility to utilize full Argotech’s potential in design (optical, electrical, RF, mechanical and thermal). It has deployed a micro-assembly approach for wafer level carriers that enables the packaging scale-up of optoelectronics components to higher volumes as well as reaching very compact component sizes – both of which are required for wearable electronics, medical applications, etc.

Argotech has an experience in RF design of packaging & assembly towards to 100Gbaud, design of customized transceivers, optical coupling of blue lasers to 2.5μm-SMFs and customization of packaging processes. Company has got track-record of serving customers from the datacom, telecom, airspace, defence and life-science markets.

Highly experienced team is taking care about all processes – with packaging & micro-assembly activities as well as creating solutions for customers focused on micro assembly. Availability of on-site technology chain from wafer level packaging to stand-alone optical subassembly allow Argotech to fulfil various range of requirements (sample and pilot production with fast capacity ramp-up, production with capacity to span the full value chain from feasibility studies, product design, prototyping, product qualification and volume production).

AT has experience in RF design and assembly packaging for components with multichannel configuration on speed 4 x 56Gb/s NRZ, optical fiber and micro lens alignment with 0.5µm resolution with fixation using laser based soldering as well as adhesive curing.

Present-day production standards require tight quality control. To comply with this requirement AR is using its own designed testing and machine vision inspection platform which allows adaptation to different customer’s requirements.

Main tasks in PICTURE:

  • Demonstrator packaging design
  • RF design and related packaging and assembly approach with focus in minimum RF loses of packaging the PIC caused by package itself
  • Characterization of RF performance of packaging together with partners III-V Lab and Tyndall
  • Assembly of all components on demonstrator, die bonding, wire bonding. 3D EIC integration to PIC granted by Tyndall.
  • PIC packaging including packaging design

Previous experience relevant to PICTURE

The Argotech R&D group has long track record in customized packaging approach designs for optoelectronics applications. Especially focus in RF packaging design, thermal modelling, mechanical design, optical coupling. The micro-assembly capabilities which Argotech serves are highly demanded for both optoelectronics and RF packaging. Argotech is involved in projects from FP7 and H2020 horizon programs.

List of up to 5 relevant previous projects or activities, connected to the subject of this proposal

Description of any significant infrastructure and/or any major items of technical equipment, relevant to the proposed work

  • [1] Die attach: face-up with +/-1µm accuracy, face-down to +/-5µm accuracy, automatic & wafer scale
  • [2] Wire bonding, ball-wedge, wedge-wedge, ribbon, BSOB, stud bumping, automatic & wafer scale, common materials Au/Al, wire diameters 17-50µm
  • [3] Post Bonding Inspection based on Machine Vision system, resolution 0.5µm linear, 0.01deg angular, automatic & wafer scale
  • [4] PROBER measurement of electrical and optical properties of optical emitters and receivers (LIV, SPECTRUM, …), automatic & wafer scale
  • [5] Free-space fiber and micro lens automatic alignment, using laser welding for precision attachment
  • [6] Endurance testing like chip burn in and ageing (wafer & component scale), thermal cycling, humidity suites, process verification like shear&pull test
  • [7] RF design, verification and optimization using advanced software from Keysight

Project Support

III-V Labs
Campus de Polytechnique
1, avenue Augustin Fresnel
F-91767 Palaiseau Cedex
Phone : + 33 1 69 41 55 00
Arnaud Wilk

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